Why You Should Choose Us:

Why choose Australian Visa Advice? Because we can help you or your loved one to obtain an Australian visa more quickly, easily and cheaply.

* We are a team of highly qualified and experienced Australian Migration Consultants.
* Our aim is to keep our standards high but prices low.
* We strongly adhere to the code of conduct and ethics of the professional bodies of the countries in which we operate.
* We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, personal service while maintaining the highest possible standards of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity, and dedication.
* Over the years we have established an impressive reputation for assisting our clients to visit, study or migrate permanently to Australia by providing both advice and assistance with Australian visa applications.
* Our visa success rate is Exceptionally High, even with prior refusals!
* As a result, we get a lot of repeat business, and many of our former clients refer their family, friends, and colleagues to us.
* We specialise in visa applications for citizens of Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and other South-East Asian countries. We have helped literally 100′s of Australians bring their girlfriends and partners to Australia. We have an excellent knowledge of the specific requirements and procedures for these countries.
* We charge reasonable prices – providing you with value for money.
* We offer a personalised and in-depth assessment of your options and chances of obtaining a visa. Then if you then choose to use our services, we provide you with ongoing support and assistance.
* We protect you from the high risks associated with trying to self-prepare a complex application – giving you peace of mind!

Our Visa Applications have an Exceptionally High Success Rate!
We understand that the decision to apply for an Australian visa for yourself, or to assist your girlfriend, fiance, spouse, partner, friend or family member, is a big one, and you want to be sure that you choose and obtain the correct visa. However, the visa process can be difficult to navigate on your own. Many potential visitors to Australia grossly underestimate both the complexity of visa applications and the lack of assistance that Department of Home Affairs provides. As Australians, we are able to fly in and out of many countries without even needing a visa. But it is not the same when a foreign citizen wants to come to Australia, even as a tourist. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WANTS TO ENTER AUSTRALIA NEEDS TO HAVE A VALID VISA. Furthermore, many people greatly underestimate the possibility that their application, or the application of their loved one, may be refused.

Approximately 70% of all DIY Applications Fail!
Industry feedback has indicated that an estimated 50% of all Applicants who prepare and submit their application on their own get it WRONG and FAIL because they did not use a qualified and experienced Migration Consultant to check their eligibility and advise on and prepare their applications.

It is estimated that a further 20% of Applicants who do not use a Migration consultant become confused and frustrated with application process and find it difficult or impossible to get answers to their specific concerns or questions from the Australian Givernment. As a result, they unnecessarily drop out of the application process.

Overall, this equates to an estimated 70% FAILURE RATE for “Do-It-Yourself” Applicants applying directly to the Australian Government or an Australian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission.

When you compare this failure rate with our EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH SUCCESS RATE it is a very smart, effecient and cost effective move to use our services: Australian Visa Advice.

Our Staff are Approachable and Professional
All of our staff are fully qualified and experienced in Australian Immigration Law.
We are dedicated and committed to maintaining our high professional standards.
We keep up to date with changes in the Migration law – which ensures you get the best chance of success!
We use interpreters and professional translators in our communication with our Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino/a and Indonesian clients where requested.

Our Services Include
Online, telephone, or face-to-face consultations.
Professional visa and immigration consultations and advice.
Ongoing advice and support plus the preparation of visa applications when you choose our full visa service.
Regardless of which level of service you use, you can be confident that are getting the most up to date and professional advice from a fully qualified and experienced Australian Migration Agent.

Initial Consultation
We offer you a comprehensive initial consultation free of charge. To contact us:
* Enter your details on the Book a Consultation page or Contact Us page.
* We will then contact you and arrange a convenient time for us to have a consultation.
It really is that easy!

During the consultation, our Migration Agent will ask you questions, discuss your situation with you, and make an assessment of your case. Some of the things to consider are:
* Advice on the correct visa category;
* Sponsorship support;
* Advice on the visa application;
* Supporting documentation;
* Details of all costs.

Why is This Assessment Important?
You will get a much clearer idea of your possible visa options, processing times, costs and overall eligibility.

Our pre-application assessment allows our Migration Consultant to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of your situation. This will enable us to best advise you on the next course of action. This allows you to save time, effort and money!

Australian Visa Advice
We are here to help you.
Australian visa applications can be very complex, and the official Government visa application fees for some visas are many thousands of dollars. These fees are generally NOT refundable. Our advice will help you to avoid the application pitfalls and remove the complexities and risks from the application process. So don’t go through the visa application process by yourself and risk failing. Get it right the first time!

At Australian Visa Advice our team of experts are second to none. We offer you a service that ensures your application has the best possible chance of success. We guarantee that your application will be the very best that it can be.