Study in Australia – Apply for a Student Visa Australia

An Australian Student visa is a temporary visa that is available to foreign citizens to enter and spend time in Australia for study and work purposes. There are a number of different categories of Student visa options available depending on what you want to study. The options cover everything from studying basic English to Vocational courses to doing a Bachelor’s Degree, Masters, or even a PhD.

The length of a Student visa can vary greatly – from a few weeks to many years – depending on the length of your chosen course of study.

To be eligible for a Student visa you need to satisfy a number of criteria:

Firstly, you need to have the required prerequisites for the course you have chosen.

Secondly, you need to show that you have adequate funds to support your visit, including being able to pay for the course tuition, flights, medical insurance, accommodation and other living costs for your time in Australia. You must either show that you can support yourself, OR your parents or other members of your family, or a boyfriend, etc.. can offer to support you financially. For example, we prepare a lot of Student visas for citizens from Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, etc.. where their partner in Australia is providing an offer of financial support. Or it can also typically be a family member offering support.

Finally, there are also health and character criteria to meet.

Working on a Student Visa
One of the good things about an Australian Student visa is that it also allows the holder to work – up to 40 hours every 2 weeks. This income can be used to help to support you during your time in Australia, or it can be used for training, as is required by some courses.

Assessment Levels
Should you want to prepare and submit an application for a Student Visa your application will be given an Assessment Level depending on which area of study you are interested in and which country passport you have. The higher the number of Assessment Level the more evidence you will need to show in your application.

Applying for a Student Visa
The Student visa application is a complex process. It can take weeks to prepare an application, and the processing time is from a few weeks to a month or more, although times vary depending on many factors, including the thoroughness of an application, how well it is prepared, which Embassy or Immigration office is processing the application and how busy they are at the time. Unless strict guidelines are followed, including meeting all of the relevant criteria and the attachment of all relevant supporting evidence, it is highly likely that the application will be refused (approximately 70% of all Australian visa applications are refused).

However, we have an Exceptionally High success rate. Our detailed knowledge of the law and years of experience preparing literally 100’s of applications will take the stress, confusion and high risk of failure out of the Australia student visa process. We have assisted many clients who have had their applications refused because they have either tried to obtain it themselves or used unqualified and inexperienced Migration Agents. They have wasted precious time, money and effort.

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