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The strict rules and regulations which make up Australian Immigration policy and practice now make it even more important to seek advice from an experienced and Registered Migration Agent. We have been assisting clients for many years and have helped literally 100’s of people to obtain a variety of Australian visas.

Our team of experts assist a diverse range of clients with complex Spouse, Fiancé, Child and other family migration visa applications. We also specialise in providing assistance with Student, Business and Visitor visas.

We understand that the decision to visit or migrate permanently to Australia is a big one, and you want to be sure that you choose and obtain the correct visa for yourself, your partner or other loved ones. However, the visa process can be very difficult to navigate on your own and many potential visitors to Australia grossly underestimate both the complexity of visa applications and the information and level of assistance that Department of Home Affairs provides. That is where we come in – to offer a wealth of skill and experience in these matters. So do not hesitate any longer - contact us today!

Visitor Visa

The Tourist stream of the Visitor visa is can be used to enter Australia for a holiday, tourism and recreational purposes, or to visit family...

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Partner Visa

* Spouse/Marriage Visa
* De Facto Visa
This visa is designed for a couple that is either married or in a ‘de facto’ relationship...

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Business Visa

An Australian Business Visitor Visa is required for people who wish to make business visits to Australia…

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Prospective Marriage/Fiancé Visa

This visa is designed for a foreign citizen who is engaged to be married to an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident…

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Student Visa

A Student Visa is a temporary visa that is available to foreign citizens to enter and spend time in Australia for study and work purposes…

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  • We Will Take Care Of the Whole Process
  • Quality, Expert Advice
  • Upfront Expectations
  • Very High Success Rate
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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Craig T.
    Australian Visa Advice (AVA)managed my girlfriend’s Visitor visa application from beginning to end and were able to answer any questions I had with a detailed explanation. My Migration Agent Luke gave me and Porawan confidence and all the information required at each stage. Their service is completely professional and gave us a peace of mind throughout the entire process. The good thing about AVA is that I didn’t need to worry or follow up about what is happening. They followed me up and provided complete assistance.
    Craig T.
  • Sean A. and Joy
    Again very helpful, all my questions got answered, and they made it easier for me to understand the process and less stressful for me. Thank you.
    Sean A. and Joy
  • John T. and Pui
    I really thought Australian Visa Advice were great to work with - they prepared Pui’s Visitor visa application quickly and the application was so thorough and professional. She was granted her visa despite 2 past refusals (when we tried to have a go ourselves and were refused!). On top of this they were very friendly and helpful. I plan to use Australian Visa Advice again for Pui’s Fiancé visa and I recommended them to a mate of mine who has recently started a relationship with a Thai girl that he met in Pattaya.
    John T. and Pui