Couple holding a ring to qualify for sponsor partner visa
However, not all people will be eligible to sponsors their partners. There are circumstances where a sponsor may be precluded from being an eligible sponsor. This can be for a number of reasons, previously sponsoring two or more partner visa applicants, or being sponsored themselves for this visa within the
Breaking up couple
If you are a sponsor and your partner visa relationship breakdown, then you must notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) as soon as reasonably possible. This obligation extends to even before the visa is granted. So if you lodge your sponsorship with the application, and the relationship breaks
Aus visa character requirements
Any person wanting to enter Australia is required to have their character checked against a number of criteria set out by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). This is the case no matter which visa you want to apply for. However, how stringent the character assessment depends on which
Permanent and temporary Aus visa
Temporary Visa On the other hand, this visa only permits the holder to travel to Australia and remain for a specified period of time. A holder or owner must either depart before it expires or apply for another one whilst they are still in Australia.
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Often referred to as a ‘fiance visa Australia‘, the prospective marriage visa is for people who are outside Australia and who are engaged to be married to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. It is only for people who are outside Australia because the prospective
Aus Partner Visa limitations
Are there any limitations on sponsoring a fiance for an Australian Partner visa? It is very important to note that if you have a spouse, partner or fiance that is considering applying for a Partner or Spouse visa, in some circumstances your partner’s application may not be successful because your
No further Stay Condition to an Aus Visa
The most general no further stay case is Condition 8503. For several Australian visas, this condition is either mandatory or applied in most cases, and it must be attached to that visa granted. For other visas, the decision maker has discretion whether or not to attach it.
Man using a laptop and chatting his Girlfriend
Many people these days use the internet to search for a friend or girlfriend. Our lives are often so busy in the 21st century and it is hard to find the time to go out to pubs, bars etc and meet new people. So the internet is great in that
Happy family
Can my Thai wife include other dependant relatives in her Australian partner visa application? Dependant relatives This is a question that is often asked and causes some confusion. Particularly as Thai culture places such a large emphasis and importance on the family unit. It is not uncommon in Thailand for