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If you are interested in how to get a De Facto visa Australia, you have come to the right place for all the details you need. A De Facto relationship visa is ideal for a partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident sponsor. It is applicable to different or same-sex relationships.

Depending on the location of your application, this type of visa usually takes somewhere between 13 to 25 months to process. For reference, here are some of the factors that are to be considered as for a de facto relationship:

  1. You and your partner are not legally married
  2. Your relationship is continuous and genuine
  3. You and your partner live together or have not as least been separated permanently
  4. You and your partner are not related by family

Valid Length of Relationship Visa Australia
Valid Length

Valid Length of Relationship Visa Australia

You are eligible to apply with your De Facto Partner visa Australia if your relationship has been ongoing for at least 12 months from the date that you will apply.

However, it still depends on the specific case of your relationship, and you may appeal to your local Immigration office if you have been together less than 12 months. There are certain specific eligibility criteria for an application of this type. You must also consider that an online dating relationship only is generally not viewed as a de facto relationship.

Valid Length of Relationship Visa Australia
Prove Your Relationship

How To Prove Your De Facto Partner Visa Australia Relationship

The Australian Immigration authorities (DOHA) require evidence of the history of your relationship to verify its validity. Among the other requirements, you will need to include a signed relationship statement with these essential details:

  1. Complete information of when, where, and how you and your partner met
  2. Details of how your relationship progressed with time and proofs of being together
  3. You and your partner’s plans for the future together
  4. Valid evidence of commitment and support to each other in terms of physical, emotional, and financial aspects
  5. Explaining periods of separation due to specific instances, and what are the processes that you went through to stay in touch

Visa Costs

Costs of a De Facto Visa Australia

The current base fee starts at $7715AUD for an applicant. Then, if you will add another applicant over 18 years old, $3,860AUD is charged on top. As for additional applicants under 18, $1,935AUD will be charged.

Visa fees can also vary slightly depending on your method of application, location and payment method. You should also expect other additional expenses for such things as police checks, medical examinations, and obtaining and translating documents that you may be required to undertake.

Other Relationship Visa Australia Requirements

With regards to the other aspects that you need to fulfill to apply for an Australian De Facto visa, please take note of the following:

  1. Financial background such as shared expenses, consistent transactions, shared rent, or a joint bank account.
  2. Evidence with your household nature such as shared household bills, letters that you receive within the same address, and other purchase receipts to prove your relationship.
  3. Social aspects of your relationship which confirm that you have been socially seen and accepted by other people, groups, or communities.
  4. Proof of commitment, such as continuous letters, emails, phone calls during the given length of the relationship.

These pieces of evidence will strengthen your claim of a de facto relationship. A De Facto visa application is complex, so if you want some help you can contact one of our team of qualified and experienced Migration Agents.

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