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Are you planning to marry an Australian citizen and wish to be a permanent Australian resident and live in Australia as well one day? Let us guide you in this article with the steps and requirements that you need to apply for obtain a Fiance visa Australia.

You are eligible for this type of visa if your fiance is able to sponsor you for temporary residence in Australia. Please note that the marriage must occur only after a visa is granted and within 9 months of the grant date of the visa.

Fiance Visa Australia 101: All You Need To Know

Fiance Visa Australia Requirements

The key to obtaining your Fiance visa Australia is by getting knowing the requirements and also completing them ASAP to avoid delay. Here are the following requirements which you should accomplish before being considered for getting an Australian Fiance visa:

  1. You should be in a relationship and engaged with a permanent Australian resident, an Australian citizen, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  2. You and your partner must be 18 years old and above unless you will turn 18 before the nine-month period grant is finished or an Australian judge or magistrate authorises your prospective marriage.
  3. You should be able to prove that your relationship and marriage plan is completely genuine and continuing. An important factor to consider is that you must intend to marry your fiance within the nine months period of the visa granted to you.
  4. You can verify with proof that you and your fiance have known each other before and have met physically.
  5. Your Fiance visa Australia requirements must be verified to avoid being questioned and delaying the process.
Important Rules for the Australian Fiance Visa
Know The Rules

Important Rules for the Australian Fiance Visa

You must be initially situated outside Australia when you apply for your visa, and also when you receive your visa. During the nine-month period granted to you you must marry your sponsor. After this, you must then apply for the Partner visa by marriage as the next step.

Fiance Visa Australia Processing Time
Processing Time

Fiance Visa Australia Processing Time

The processing time of a Fiance visa in Australia can vary depending on the location of where you’ will have it processed between the different Australian Embassies and Consulates. Usually though, it may take about 15 to 22 months for the process to be finished.

It also highly depends on the situation of your case and volume of backlogs of pending cases. In line with this, with a Fiance visa Australia processing time, it is essential to be as complete as possible with your requirements to get a faster approval.

Once your visa is approved, you can now easily come to Australia to be with your Australian fiancé. You will have the right to work immediately on your arrival. You will also be eligible to leave and return from Australia anytime you want within the nine-month period of the visa validity. The 9 months given is to give you time to get organised, get married, and get your next Partner visa by Marriage application ready and submitted. Hopefully this guide can get you started, but it can be a very complex procedure and it is usually helpful to obtain assistance from an Australian Immigration Agent. If you want help just contact us! Then after you have taken all the steps and have finally submitted your Partner visa application you will simply need to wait for it to process. You and your Australian partner can relax and continue to live in Australia while you wait. Best of luck!

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