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Are you aiming to apply fora Spouse visa Australia? We have rounded up the most manageable steps and details for you to complete the process. You maybe eligible to apply for and obtain this visa if you are married to an Australian citizen or a permanent citizen or even an eligible New Zealand citizen. Currently, the applications may have an approximate processing period of up to two years, depending on the location of your application. Once your relationship has been proven to be consistent and real, your initial visa may be granted and then you could look at applying for Permanent Residence (PR).

Spouse visa in Australia

Requirements for a Spouse visa in Australia

To successfully make a Spouse visa application Australia, here are the things you should take note of:

  • Your relationship with your spouse is bounded by a committed and shared life together
  • Your relationship should be proven as consistent and legitimate
  • You and your spouse live together or at least are not living apart for a permanent time span. Your married life should also show evidence that you have lived together for a period prior to the application
  • You are both on the legal age of 18 or above
  • You must pass all the criteria under health and character checking


What process is involved?

Getting a Spouse visa in Australia requires an initial application to determine your eligibility.

You have to prepare the detailed application and organise your documents. When you are ready you then pay the Government fee and submit your application. From here you then wait for the processing of the application. During the processing you will be required to do your visa medical examination, and you may be asked to provide more information or documents.

Once it has been granted, you will be provided an Extended Eligibility Temporary visa. This type of visa allows you to settle in Australia for an extended period, along with full work rights, all for your benefit.

You can either be situated in Australia or overseas when you make a Spouse visa application Australia. However, there are advantages of applying from within Australia. You may ask a Migration Agent regarding more details about the differences based on your location.

Spouse Visa Cost

How much does the Spouse visa cost in Australia?

The Spouse visa Australia cost (Government Fee) which you should expect to pay currently is $7,715AUD. There are also additional fees if you are going to bring with you a dependent child. Any child over 18 years old will cost $3,860AUD, while those under 18 years old will cost $1,935AUD. Other costs include visa medical requirements, obtaining and translating documents, etc. Please note that this costing can also depend on the location you will process your application and payment method. That’s it! It is easy to get a Spouse visa in Australia given the proper processing and complete requirements. For a more detailed explanation of this visa and the requirements and eligibility depending on your case, we highly recommend getting professional advice from a Migration Agent. We wish you the best of luck!

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