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Are you planning to get married to an Australian citizen, or a qualified New Zealand citizen? Well, the Prospective Marriage visa in Australia should be your ideal option. If you are both aged 18 years and above, this temporary residence visa will qualify you to enter Australia and get married to your partner within the 9-month visa period.

The Prospective Marriage Visa Australia processing time takes approximately 12-17 months (although this can vary depending on your location of application). This visa allows you to be eligible toapply for permanent residence later if you successfully complete the requirements.

What is the application process?

What is the application process?

Immigration will first evaluate your initial “Partner visa” which wouldlater entitle you to apply for a Subclass 820 temporary Partner visa. After a period of time, your Partner visa will then be determined for your qualification of the permanent Partner subclass 801 visa. Within this processing time, you are allowed to stay in Australia until a decision is made.

Your prospective partner visa Australia application is expected to be submitted along with your documents and proof of relationship. You can get updated information from the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) through their portal, wherein you will be notified with the progress of your application. You can also hire an Immigration lawyer or Registered Migration Agent to help you manage this process.

Your Australian partner will be asked to pass documents through the system as well. Here are some of the documents that will serve as your evidence:

  • Character documents – These are police and security clearances
  • Identity documents – Includes birth certificate, passport, etc.
  • Evidence of relationship documents- These are important pieces of evidence which confirm that you intend to marry your partner within the 9-month visa grant. This includes a dated letter from an authorised marriage celebrant who will perform your marriage. The documents are also expected to be submitted within the period before the proposed date of your marriage.

How to get sponsored

How to get sponsored

Your prospective spouse must be qualified as your sponsor. It’s essential that you have known each other personally and show documentary evidence. Written, phone, and internet communication could be an option, but evidence should also include proof of actual physical contact. The Department may also ask you to have an interview with them for further discussion.

What are the costs?

What are the costs?

 The common marriage visa Australia cost for application lodgment is currently $7715AUD and subject to change (the visa fees last went up on 1 July 2019). Additional applicant fees are also applicable if you plan on including a child. If the child is under the age of 18, the cost is $1935AUD wherein if he or she is above 18 years old the cost would be $3860AUD. Other costs include: for obtaining and translating documents, visa medicals, etc… Please note that these last costings may change depending on your grant case, location, and payment method.


Getting a Prospective Partner visa for Australia is achievable given the right processing of your documents, and patience within the 9-month visa validity period. Australia migration laws are extensive and each case may require different approaches. We recommend that you get professional advice to assure professionalism and thoroughness with your application, and hopefully you will soon enjoy your married life with your partner in Australia.

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