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A Tourist Visa Australia

Many of us love travelling, and in this modern era we are travelling to amazing places all over the world. Australia is a very popular destination for travellers from Europe, Asia, North America and beyond. Because some travellers may be used to flying or driving easily from one country to another (like in Europe for example),they might think they can just fly into Australia without the need for any Visa or other previous arrangement. However, Australia is very strict when it comes to people entering the country, and evenif you come from a country closely linked to Australia, like the USA, UK, Canada, and countries in Western Europe, etc…, everyone needs a valid visa to enter Australia. Even if you are coming to Australia for a holiday you still need a Tourist visa Australia.

Different types of Australian Tourist Visa 2019

There are a number of different types of Australian Tourist visas available, and which one you should choose to apply for can depend on which country passport you have, or possibly how long you want to stay in Australia, and whether you want to visit Australia once or multiple times.

The ETA and eVisitor visa options are only available to a restricted number of countries. If you have a passport from one of these countries you can apply for either one or both of these types of visas. You can either apply yourself or get someone to assist you. These visas are not as difficult or complex to apply for compared with a standard Tourist/Visitor visa.

The Tourist Visitor visa Australia (Subclass 600) is a type of Tourist visa that someone with any country passport can apply for. It can be valid for short periods of time of up to 3 months, and it can also be valid for longer stays of up to 6, 12 months or even longer. This visa can potentially give a single entry or multiple entries.

Apply For Tourist Visa Australia

So how do you make an Australian Tourist visa application? In many countries you can apply through your Australian Embassy or Consulate. Some countries also have a special Australian visa office where you can go in and apply there. It can also be possible to apply online. Please note that, if you cannot apply for the ETA visa or eVisitor visa, applying even for a Tourist visa can be difficult, as for most countries a detailed application is required and with a lot of supporting evidence to support your application. You can seek help from an Australian Registered Migration Agent such as us here at Australian Visa Advice (AVA). We are literally preparing an Australian Tourist visa application almost every day! We have a lot of experience in dealing with the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) as well as multiple Australian Embassies, and our experience and attention to detail can make the difference between success and failure. So, in conclusion, make sure that you obtain your Tourist Visitor visa Australia or other travel visa before you arrive to Australia. We wish you good luck when you apply for Tourist visa Australia. Safe travels!

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