Taking your Filipino wife to Australia

If you are an Australian and you have married a woman from the Philippines then unless you are thinking of moving to the Philippines you will probably want to bring her out to Australia to live with you. Probably the best option would be to apply for what is called a Partner visa. To prepare the application is a complex and lengthy process and both you and she would both need to satisfy a number of criteria. However, if she and you both qualify it is a great visa to have. It will allow your Filipino wife to come and go from Australia and the Philippines as she pleases, it will give her full work rights, give her access to Medicare(the Australian public health care system),and it will eventually lead to Permanent Residency (PR) if the relationship is maintained over a period of time.     

Even if you are going to live in the Philippines together you might want to travel to Australia from time to time. You could look at a Tourist visa, but you would have to obtain that for her each time you wanted to travel to Australia together. And to compound this inconvenience, there is a limit with respect to how many Tourist visas the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) will grant per person, and there is also a limit to how much time the Australian Government will allow someone to remain in Australia on a Tourist visa.

To determine whether a Filipino qualifies for a Partner visa,Immigration (DOHA) looks at her relationship with you, her the Australian partner. You would effectively become her ‘Sponsor’ and in doing do you are offering to support her in a number of aspects. DOHA looks your relationship carefully – a marriage certificate in itself carries very little weight unless it is supported by evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship.

Immigration also looks at her health and the health of any dependents. It examines her character, including any criminal or political history or tendencies. As mentioned above, DOHA is concerned with her financial position or your ability as her sponsor to provide her with that financial support. It is always advisable to plan a long way in advance because the preparation process is lengthy and demanding, and the processing time is usually anywhere from 1-2 years. Having the assistance of a skilled and experienced Migration Agent for such a serious and complicated visa is highly recommended. A high percentage of self-prepared applications either experience significant delays of months or years, or are refused, leaving you and your Filipino partner in a very difficult position. However, if you both qualify, and if an application is prepared carefully the chance of success is usually very high. The Partner visa is a great visa for your Filipino wife and it can provide important options that would otherwise be unavailable. It can help you two to achieve the lifestyle you two choose, whatever that may be.

How Australian Visa Advice (AVA) can help:

For more information about preparing a Partner/ Marriage visa application you can contact us at Australian Visa Advice (AVA):info@aussievisas.net We can advise you about the visa and prepare her visa application. We have a 100% success rate, and many of our applications are granted in under the normal processing times. We have helped many people from the Philippines (both females and males) in both heterosexual and same sex relationnships to obtain an Australian Partner visa – so contact us today!

Written by Luke Gorham ©2020
Registered Migration Agent
Australian Visa Advice

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