Spending time in Australia with my Thai girlfriend

Many Australians travel to Thailand for a holiday. It is not unusual for an Australian man to meet a Thai lady and begin a relationship or even fall in love. Thai women are lovely people, quietly spoken and very pretty. When their holiday comes to an end the Australian often wants the relationship to continue but he has to home to Australia to work. Even if he can return to Thailand it is often a long time between visits and he can normally only stay for a few weeks each time. A better solution is for him to bring his girlfriend out to Australia for a visit.

If you are an Australian man in this situation – if both she and you meet the criteria for a visa (see below), and have professional assistance, it can be possible to obtain a Tourist visa for your girlfriend to visit you in Australia. That way you get to spend a lot more quality time together, you can still work at the same time and you avoid accommodation and other costs that you would be up for if you were staying in Thailand. All in all it’s a great option.

Bringing your Thai girlfriend out to Australia also allows her to see a little bit of Australia and she how she settles in. This is always something important to consider when one is thinking about a long term relationship, or at least when one is testing the waters.

Unfortunately, Thai’s are not in the same position as Australians. Australians can simply hop on a plane and fly to Thailand and obtain a visa on arrival for 30 days. Thai’s, on the other hand, must obtain a visa for Australia before they fly to Australia. Thailand is considered to be a “high risk” country by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA). To obtain even a Tourist visa they must fill in a detailed application and provide a lot of supporting documentation. Even then, the applications are not structured in the right way and a high percentage of applications are refused by DOHA because the applicant for the visa is considered at risk to overstay their visa, unlikely to return to their home country, etc. A skilled and experienced Migration Agent can both advise you about your options, help you do short and long term visa planning, and help you to structure and organise your application in such a way as to give your Thai girlfriend her best chance of success. At Australian Visa Advice (AVA) we have helped many Australians to bring their Thai girlfriends to Australia for a visit. Many of these relationships have ended up becoming long term, with the couple often getting married and starting a life together in Australia. Our advice and assistance has saved these couples, time effort and avoided the heartbreak and cost of having applications refused. The cost of having an application refused can sometimes be the end of a relationship.

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Written by Luke Gorham ©2020
Registered Migration Agent
Australian Visa Advice
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