Tourist Visa – Questions and Answers

What is a Tourist Visa?

A Tourist visa Australia is essentially the same as a Holiday visa or Visitor visa. It is a visa for people who want to travel to Australia for a holiday or to visit friends or family. On this visa you can also study for short periods of time. Depending on which country passport / citizenship you have, you may be able to choose between different types of Tourist visa – some of which are easier to apply for and obtain than others.

How long is a Tourist visa for Australia?

A Tourist visa Australia can be valid for different periods of time – usually from 3 months to up to 3 years. When you make an application you would normally request the period of time that you want to stay in Australia – and that may be for only a few weeks or so or for a much longer period, and then the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) will make a final decision as to how much time they will give you.

How much is a Tourist visa to Australia?

The cost of a Tourist visa depends on what type of visa you apply for and whether or not you get professional help with the application. The current Australian Government Visa Application Charge (VAC) as at December 2019 for the main Tourist visa is $145.

How do I apply for a Tourist visa to Australia?

Before you apply for Tourist visa Australia make sure you are eligible for the visa. If you are eligible, to make an Australian Tourist visa application you will need to either do a paper application or an online application. You may be able to make an application through the Australian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Even to apply for Tourist visa Australia can be complex so if you get professional help with your application then your Migration Agent usually takes care of most or all of the aspects of the application for you and can guide you through the entire process. 

Is it easy to get Tourist visa for Australia?

Generally speaking, no, it is not easy to get even a Tourist visa for Australia. The Australian Department that handles both temporary and permanent migration (DOHA) is often considered to be the strictest in the world. Most countries in the world are actually classified by DOHA to be “high-risk” and so applicants from these countries must fill in a detailed application and provide a lot of supporting documents. The majority of all self-prepared applications are refused – so consider getting professional help – it is usually worth it in the long run.

What are the different types of Tourist Visa?

The main type of Tourist visa Australia is the Tourist Visitor visa Australia. There is also the Visitor visa – Business Visitor stream for meetings, conferences or negotiations, but not for work, and the Sponsored Family stream, but these are discussed in another article. A person with a passport from any country can apply for a Visitor visa. This is also the hardest type of Tourist visa to obtain.

Citizens holding passports from certain countries can apply for one or more types of simpler forms of a Tourist Visitor visa Australia. These visas are called the Electronic Travel Authority or ETA, and the eVisitor visa. Citizens from about 32 countries can apply for an ETA visa, and citizens from about 36 countries can apply for an eVisitor visa. Many of the same countries that can apply for an ETA visa can also apply for an eVisitor visa. These visas are less difficult to obtain than a Visitor visa. Most countries in Europe, as well as the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Brunei can apply foreither an ETA visa or an eVisitor visa or both. For example, Many Americans come to Australia on an ETA visa.

How Australian Visa Advice (AVA) can help: So in conclusion, everyone can apply for an AustralianTourist visa.But please remember that preparing even a Tourist visa can be difficult and a high number of self-prepared applications are refused, so you might want to consider getting professional help from our team at Australian Visa Advice (AVA). We can guide you through every step of the Tourist visa application – from documents to requirements, and all the other essential details. We have a very high success rate and many of our applications are granted in under the normal processing times. We have helped Americans, Canadians, British, French, Filipino’s Thai’s, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Mexicans, Colombians, Africans and many more to obtain a visa to Australia. Feel free to contact us today!

Written by Luke Gorham ©2019
Registered Migration Agent
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  1. Dr Alizayagam hasan says:

    I have apply for tourist visa four times unfortunately all r rejected with same reason that u r not genuine to travel what r other option to travel australian?

    • Luke says:

      Hi, it all depends on your purpose for wanting to travel to Australia. If you want a holiday or to spend time with family or friends then a Tourist visa is the correct option. Your applications may have been refused because you have not explained your situation correctly or provided the correct supporting documents or maybe something else. Let me know if I can help you – feel free to contact me at

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